Wind Energy

30+ years experience

Since 1987, starting with a project of the very first 3 MW wind turbine in the world, our 30+ years of experience in the wind industry qualifies Orbital2 among top providers of ultimate gearbox designs.

Wind turbines need to generate power reliably over a long period, typically 20 years and more. The input load to the driveline is not constant or highly predictable, and a gearbox is still seen as the most efficient, lightweight and cost effective method of converting the relatively slow speed, high torque from the rotor to drive a medium or high speed generator.

Reducing the ‘top head mass’ (i.e. nacelle, rotor, gearbox, generator and ancillaries) of a wind turbine is one of the key requirements for current and future designs. It enables a lighter and more cost effective tower and foundation, and reducing gearbox weight and size has a huge benefit.

Wikov gearboxes desinged by Orbital2 are typically 15-20% lighter than our competitor’s equivalent offerings.

Orbital2 has to date over 20 different wind gearbox designs certified by DNV, from 1MW to 7MW +, for both onshore and offshore applications. All fitted with the Orbital2 flexible pin in the planetary stages.

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