Tidal Energy

Pioneers in tidal energy gearboxes

Orbital2 as a design company and Wikov as a gearbox manufacturer are gearbox pioneers in the tidal energy. We have field experience that matters. Theory is no guarantee for gearbox lifetime requested for some projects in the tidal energy and a 5 years service interval. This is only achievable with a flexible pin with an overload stop, a unique load-sharing system proven in the field for the last 3 decades.

The world’s first commercial-scale, grid-connected tidal stream turbine is the 1.2 MW SeaGen system which was deployed in 2008 and fitted with Wikov's planetary gearbox with flexible pin designed by Orbital2. SeaGen has the capacity to generate power for the equivalent of about 1,500 homes. SeaGen’s electricity is being fed into the Northern Irish Grid.

This tidal energy turbine generates over 20MWh of clean green energy on a daily basis which demonstrates the massive potential there is for low-carbon technologies such as Sea Gen to deliver both environmental and economic benefits to Northern Ireland and other parts of the world.