Flexible pin

Do not fight flexibility, use it!

Flexible pin is an ultimate technology applied in epicyclic gears with multi-satellite planetary arrangement. It is a key design feature for high power density and compact dimensions. Equal load sharing between planets is enabled through controlled flexibility. The result is a heavy-duty planetary gearbox.

The original Hicks flexible pin planetary gearboxes are manufactured under Orbi-fleX® brand by Wikov, the sole owner of Orbital2 and the Hicks flexible pin technology. 

What means Orbi-fleX® with flexible pin in a real life operation?

  • 40-50% gearbox weight reduction in comparison with conventional gearboxes of same power
  • 15-20% lighter design than any other epicyclic solution in the market
  • increased lifetime of gears and bearings
  • shock load resistance despite compact dimensions
  • faster amortization of your equipment