Manufacturing, Testing and Certification

Design for Manufacture and Assembly
Orbital2 gearboxes are designed to meet the required duty and customer specifications for installation and maintenance in service. They are also designed to be readily manufactured and assembled. The flexible pin enables the use of normal manufacturing tolerances for major components; typically gears can be manufactured to DIN 6.

Orbital2 provides on-site manufacturing support to licensees worldwide, during prototype and series manufacture. We have dedicated factory teams based in both Wikov gearbox manufacturing plants. Our support includes advice on processes, component inspection, assembly procedures and tooling and gearbox testing. Our designers often support this activity, to maintain not only continuity with their designs, but to build and maintain effective working relationships with our customers.

Test and Validation
Test Rig Design
Orbital2 has undertaken the design of many test rigs for gearbox development, test and validation. These include recirculating torque rigs for operating gearboxes at full load and speed. We can provide independent test rig design for gearbox or component testing on request.

Test and Certification Procedures
Load and General Gearbox Performance Testing
We provide full test procedures for development, validation and certification. This includes load testing, noise and vibration measurement, thermal and cooling system performance.

Cold Climate Testing
Special cold cells for validating cold climate system performance have been designed and built, for testing whole gearboxes at temperatures down to -50C. The cells are typically used to establish lubrication system and oil heater performance to the point where the gearbox can begin loaded operation.

Wind turbine, tidal turbine and many industrial gearboxes require formal certification before thay can be used in commercial applications.

Orbital2 typically manages the entire process, including:

  • Liaison with testing authority e.g. GL, DEWI
  • Provision of calculations, drawings and other supporting documentation
  • Arranging special instrumentation e.g. strain gauging and telemetry for load share measurement
  • Supervising certification testing

System Commissioning
Orbital2 also provides in-service support to our customers and licensees. This includes system commissioning where the gearbox is integrated with the other driveline elements. We will ensure the gearbox is properly installed and operating correctly. Data acquisition and analysis is a key part of this but we will also advise and instruct turbine operators about correct operation and maintenance procedures.

On-going Support
We typically provide support through the operating life of the gearbox and its sub-systems. This can include regular maintenance, through to de-commissioning.